Quintessence of Dental Technology 2023 1st Edition QDT 2023 is the inaugural issue under editor-in-chief Vincent Fehmer, MD…
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Author: Vincent Fehmer
Publisher: Quintessence Pub Co; 1st edition
Release Year: 2023
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 257
(ISBN) : 164724143X
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Quintessence of Dental Technology 2023 is the inaugural issue under editor-in-chief Vincent Fehmer, MDT. Under his editorship, QDT maintains its signature look but with a more fluid design, larger images, more international authors, and a new vision—the feasibility of the presented work and its actual application to daily practice. Every patient deserves a beautiful outcome no matter their circumstances, and advancements in digital technology, workflows, and highly esthetic dental materials continue to bring this dream closer to reality. Highlights of this year’s issue therefore include laboratory-generated digital concepts in modern dental communication, facially driven planning and rehabilitation, interdisciplinary treatments using digital tools, as well as approaches to enhance anterior esthetics, ensure excellent tooth preparation, and achieve the proper translucency levels, among other topics. Up your game with this volume of QDT.


Enhancing Anterior Esthetics: A Patchwork of Different Types of Ceramics
Predictable Anterior Esthetics in a Complex Case of a Young Patient with a Congenital Missing Central Incisor
Laboratory-Generated Digital Concepts in Modern Dental Communication for the Restorative Team: Creating the Virtual Patient
Is Our Job a Lifelong Journey? What Is the Motivation? Is There a Key to Success?
Facially Driven Full-Mouth Rehabilitation: An Interdisciplinary Approach
The Digital Roadmap for Edentulous Patients in Implant Prosthodontics

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