Passive Self-Ligation from A to Z, 1ed The specialty of orthodontics is full of techniques and camps, each offering specifi…
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Author: Nasib Balut
Publisher: Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc
Release Year: 2022
Language: English
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Page Count: 334
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The specialty of orthodontics is full of techniques and camps, each offering specific protocols to achieve the best results. The Damon System is different; it’s a philosophy that focuses on the why to get to the how, challenging orthodontists to think and reason their way to a successful finish. The philosophy is predicated on the notion that teeth treated with passive self-ligation (PSL) move faster than teeth treated with traditionally ligated brackets; the increased play between the slot and bracket reduces friction and enables greater movement, even with low forces. This low-force, low-friction system is also more biologically sound for the periodontal apparatus, which is good news for the patient and for treatment stability. This book is the how-to guide for PSL in orthodontics, from diagnosis to bracket placement to finishing—and everything in between.


Chapter 1 Diagnosis Using the BEST Philosophy
Chapter 2 Damon System Philosophy
Chapter 3 PSL Bracket Placement
Chapter 4 Torque Selection Protocol Using Damon System Brackets
Chapter 5 Disocclusion with Bite Turbos
Chapter 6 Intermaxillary Elastics and PSL
Chapter 7 Archwire Sequence with the Damon System
Chapter 8 Early Treatment with PSL
Chapter 9 Damon Space-Gaining Appliance (D-Gainer)
Chapter 10 Finishing with PSL
Chapter 11 Extractions with the Damon System
Chapter 12 Anchorage in the Damon System
Chapter 13 TADs and PSL
Chapter 14 Surgery-First Orthognathic Approach and PSL
Chapter 15 The Impacted and Transposed Canine
Chapter 16 Damon Q2
Chapter 17 Damon Ultima System

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