ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine, 2ed


ABC ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine, 2ed In the newly revised second edition of ABC of Prehospit…
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Book Title: ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine, 2ed


Author: Tim Nutbeam
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 2nd edition
Release Year: 2023
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 286
(ISBN) : 1119698324
Price in Amazon: $32.00
File Size: 17 MB


In the newly revised second edition of ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine, a team of experienced prehospital practitioners deliver a comprehensive up-to-date guide to the rapidly evolving field of prehospital emergency medicine. The book includes evidence-based practice and expert opinion to meet the needs of the PHEM training curriculum covering operational, clinical and system considerations. An international team of expert editors and contributors have also provided readers with:

  • A thorough introduction to prehospital emergency medicine, including activation and deployment, personal protective equipment, and scene safety and assessment
  • Comprehensive exploration of the primary survey, airway, breathing, and circulation assessments
  • Practical discussions of prehospital anesthesia, analgesia, sedation, monitoring and ultrasound
  • The prehospital management of medical, trauma and psychiatric emergencies
  • How to care for special groups, including the elderly, obstetric, pediatric, and bariatric patients
  • Considerations in mass casualty and chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear incidents.

ABC of Prehospital Emergency Medicine is essential reading for paramedics, doctors, nurses and other prehospital practitioners. The text is ideal for those undertaking subspecialty PHEM training, those studying for postgraduate prehospital degree modules, or practitioners undertaking PHEM exams.


Dr Will Duffin, Joint Medical Director for World Extreme Medicine

“The 2023 edition is a major update from the original, which hit the shelves 10 years ago, and brings home for me just how much clinical practice has evolved over the past decade … The emphasis is very much on core principles rather than detailed discussion and the key messages are brought home with strong diagrams and images…it’s all about getting the basics right! I get a lot of value from the ‘Tips from the field’ box, which is a reminder that PHEM is an inherently applied and practical discipline, and this is where the formidable collective experience of the author group really shines through. Definitely a thumbs up from me!”

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