Antiseizure Medications 3rd Edition


Antiseizure Medications 3rd Edition This new edition of Antiseizure Medications: A Clinician’s Manual refle…
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Book Title: Antiseizure Medications 3rd Edition


Publisher: Oxford University Press; 3rd edition
Release Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 337
(ISBN) : 0197541216
Price in Amazon: $71.24
File Size: 17 MB


This new edition of Antiseizure Medications: A Clinician’s Manual reflects the advances in the study and treatment of epilepsy in the past several years. As a practical tool for physicians and other healthcare providers, this text focuses on the selection and use of antiseizure medications in a variety of clinical contexts.

In the past decade, many new antiseizure medications (ASMs) have been introduced, so that there are now approximately 30 medications available to treat epilepsy. The healthcare provider therefore has many choices. However, having many alternatives also allows for the possibility of choosing an inappropriate or a suboptimal agent. The choice of medication should be guided by knowledge and familiarity with the ASMs.

In this new edition, the authors discuss choosing drugs when faced with various medical comorbidities; how to correctly prescribe, titrate, and taper drugs; how to monitor drug efficacy and side effects; how to diagnose and manage toxicity; interactions with other drugs; and other relevant issues. With updated references, terminology, materials, and drugs, this third edition meets the needs of clinicians who must treat their patients living with epilepsy.

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