Asphyxiation, Suffocation, and Neck Pressure Deaths, 1ed


، Asphyxiation, Suffocation, and Neck Pressure Deaths, 1ed Combining theory and practice, this…
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Book Title: Asphyxiation, Suffocation, and Neck Pressure Deaths, 1ed


Author: Burkhard Madea
Publisher: CRC Press; 1st edition
Release Year: 2021
Language: English
Format: PDF
Page Count: 389
(ISBN) : 1498759025
Price in Amazon: $164.03
File Size: 16 MB


Combining theory and practice, this book is a comprehensive analysis of suffocation, asphyxiation, and neck pressure deaths. It includes important developments in the field such as lung histomorphology in fatal strangulation, systematic dissection of the larynx, biochemical findings, and postmortem imaging. Significant challenges arise in accurately diagnosing these deaths when compared to other forms of external violence. International experts explain the pitfalls and subtleties of identifying such cases making this an important resource for readers involved in such investigations. Tables, statistics, scientific and historical evidence throughout further validate the value of this book.

  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to every major topic of asphyxia and neck pressure death
  • Features more than 300 figures to aid understanding and facilitate accurate diagnosis of these death types
  • Includes the important topic of postmortem radiology findings
  • Navigates the reader through the potential pitfalls and misdiagnoses of asphyxia and neck pressure deaths with expert guidance

About the Author

Professor Burkhard Madea MD, Director, Instiute of Forensic Medicine, University of Bonn, Germany is a world-renowned forensic pathologist and the author of more than a dozen books and 600 papers.

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