Atlas of EEG, Seizure Semiology, and Management, 3ed


EEG، Atlas of EEG, Seizure Semiology, and Management, 3ed Atlas of EEG, Seizure Semiology, an…
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Book Title: Atlas of EEG, Seizure Semiology, and Management, 3ed


Author: Bassel Abou-Khalil
Publisher: Oxford University Press; 3rd edition
Release Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 473
(ISBN) : 0197543022
Price in Amazon: $112.97
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Atlas of EEG, Seizure Semiology, and Management is a comprehensive yet concise textbook with a focus on practical use of EEG and clinical neurology in the diagnosis and management of epilepsy. It begins with the physiological foundation of EEG, physics and electronics of EEG generation and recording, and technical details of EEG performance. Major sections then discuss seizure and epilepsy diagnoses, normal and abnormal EEG patterns correlated with clinical scenarios, guides to differential diagnosis of seizures, guides to medical and nonmedical management, and lastly teaching case studies. For this edition, there is a separate pediatric EEG and epilepsy section, in addition to discussion of pediatric aspects throughout the rest of the text. Revisions and additions have been made to keep up with the rapid pace of advancement in EEG and epilepsy.

This new third edition is authored and edited by four senior faculty of Vanderbilt University Hospital and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, all trained and board certified in EEG and Clinical Neurophysiology. These experts use their daily experience treating epilepsy in a busy academic medical center to provide a robust core of EEG and epilepsy knowledge to healthcare professionals who diagnose and manage epilepsy, and who are seeking to develop and enhance their knowledge of EEG performance and interpretation.

New in this edition:

· Compares the new epilepsy classification schemes with the old
· Updated status epilepticus management, with new tables and flowcharts
· New interpretations for a variety of EEG patterns, some of which have controversial implications


Part 1 Introduction to EEG
Part 2 Basic Science of EEG
Part 3 Seizure Semiology and Classification
Part 4 Epilepsy Classification and Epileptic Syndromes
Part 5 Clinical EEG
Part 6 Pediatric EEG
Part 7 Differential Diagnosis
Part 8 Seizure Management
Part 9 Samples and Case Discussions
Part 10 Appendix

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