Bonica’s Management of Pain 5th Edition


Bonica’s Management of Pain 5th Edition This exhaustively comprehensive edition of the classic Bonica’s Mana…
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Book Title: Bonica’s Management of Pain 5th Edition


Author: Jane C. Ballantyne MD FRCA
Publisher: LWW; 5th edition
Release Year: 2019
Language: English
Format: PDF ( ) + ePUB
Page Count: 6235
(ISBN) : 1496349032
Price in Amazon: $95.75
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Bonica’s Management of Pain This exhaustively comprehensive edition of the classic Bonica’s Management of Pain , first published 65 years ago, expertly combines the scientific underpinnings of pain with clinical management. Completely revised, it discusses a wide variety of pain conditions—including neuropathic pain, pain due to cancer, and acute pain situations—for adults as well as children. An international group of the foremost experts provides comprehensive, current, clinically oriented coverage of the entire field. The contributors describe contemporary clinical practice and summarize the evidence that guides clinical practice.

  • Substantially updated with theoretical advancements and contemporary therapies that have emerged since the previous edition published over a decade ago.
  • Broad authorship by researchers and practitioners from the many disciplines that participate in pain medicine, including anesthesiology, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, palliative care, psychology, social sciences, and more.
  • Addresses the economic, political, legal, ethical, and sociological considerations of pain; evaluation of the pain patient; pain conditions; methods for symptomatic control; and provision of pain treatment.
  • Packed with hundreds of full-color illustrations and tables.


. Intellectual Milestones in Our Understanding and Treatment of Pain
. Pain Terms and Taxonomies of Pain
. Peripheral Pain Mechanisms and Nociceptor Sensitization
. Substrates of Spinal Cord Nociceptive Processing
. Modulation of Spinal Nociceptive Processing
. Supraspinal Mechanisms of Pain and Nociception
. Psychological Aspects of Pain
. Individual Differences in Pain. The Roles of Gender, Ethnicity, and Genetics
. Functional Neuroanatomy of the Nociceptive System
. Clinical Trials
. Transdermal Pain. A Sociocultural Perspective
. Ethical Issues in Pain Management
. Ethical Issues in the Care of Dying Patients
. Laws and Policies Affecting Pain Management in the United States
. Litigation Involving Pain Management
. International Access to Therapeutic Opioids
. Evaluation of the Chronic Pain Patient
. Electrodiagnosis in Pain Medicine
. Diagnostic Imaging of Pain
. Measurement of Pain
. Pain Psychology Evaluation
. Disability Evaluation of Patients with Chronic Pain
. Multidisciplinary Assessment of Patients with Chronic Pain
. Painful Neuropathies
. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


. Stimulation of the Peripheral Nervous System for Pain Relief
. Spinal Cord Stimulation
. Deep Brain and Motor Cortex Stimulation
. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Nerve Blocks
. Epidural Steroid Injections
. Intrathecal Drug Delivery in the Management of Pain
. Intradiscal Therapies for Low Back Pain
. Neurolytic Blockade for Noncancer Pain
. Surgery of the Peripheral Nervous System as a Treatment for Pain
. The Surgical Management of Trigeminal Neuralgia
. Ablative Neurosurgical Procedures for Chronic Pain
. Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Management. Overview and Lessons from the Public Sector
. Spine Clinics
. Pain Management in Primary Care
. Pain Management at the End of Life
. Ethical Principles that Support Decision Making in Pain Management. The Case of Stopping Opioids
. Training Pain Specialists
. Emergencies in the Pain Clinic
. Pain Management in the Emergency Department
. Pain Management in the Intensive Care Unit
. The Future of Pain Medicine. An Epilogue

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