Cambridge Prescriber’s Guide in Psychiatry 1st Edition


Cambridge Prescriber’s Guide in Psychiatry 1st Edition Based on the best-selling Stahl’s…
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Book Title: Cambridge Prescriber’s Guide in Psychiatry 1st Edition


Author: Sepehr Hafizi
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1st edition
Release Year: 2024
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 739
(ISBN) : 1108986587
Price in Amazon: $61.74
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Cambridge Prescriber’s Guide in Psychiatry Based on the best-selling Stahl’s Prescriber’s Guide, this essential guide to psychiatric prescribing has been developed by leading psychiatrists and medical students from the University of Cambridge to support all mental health professionals in achieving optimal care for their patients. Written with the authority of evidence and the guidance of clinical wisdom the formulary covers the psychotropic medications used in daily care including dosing recommendations and drug interactions. With its easy-to-use, full-colour template-driven navigation system, the book combines evidence-based data with clinically informed advice, including guidance on prescribing for children and adolescents and people with addictions. Drugs are presented in the same format to facilitate rapid access to information and are broken down into sections designated by a unique colour background thereby clearly distinguishing information presented on therapeutics, side effects, dosing and use, and the art of psychopharmacology. Popular prescribing ‘tips and pearls are included throughout.


‘In the past decade or so, not only has there been a better awareness of psychiatric disorders, but increasingly larger numbers of people are seeking help for these conditions. There is indeed a better focus on personalised psychiatry and pharmacological research. With further recent advances in innovations and better medications, practice of clinical psychiatry is changing with greater hope to patients and their families and carers. In this volume Cambridge Prescribers Guide in Psychiatry, authors have brought together key essentials about medications used in treatments in psychiatry in an impressively coherent and comprehensive manner. The authors deserve our thanks and congratulations on an impressive effort to bring together evidence-based information on how to use medicine and drug interventions which will go a long way in improving outcomes for patients and their carers as well as families.’ Dinesh Bhugra, CBE, Professor Emeritus, Mental Health & Cultural Diversity, IoPPN, Kings College, London

Book Description

An indispensable and practical guide to psychiatric prescribing, dosing, and drug interactions for all mental health professionals.

About the Author

Dr Sepehr Hafizi, Consultant Psychiatrist, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust; Affiliated Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry. University of Cambridge.

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