Cases in Neurology, 1ed


55 55Cases in Neurology, 1ed Written by a neurologist with 20 years of experience working in a general hos…
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Book Title: Cases in Neurology, 1ed


Author: Mark McCarron
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; New edition
Release Year: 2023
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 418
(ISBN) : 100921411X
Price in Amazon: $37.99
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Cases in Neurology Written by a neurologist with 20 years of experience working in a general hospital, this engaging and informative book brings together 55 example cases from a general hospital setting with differential diagnoses. The case report format facilitates up to date management including modern neuroimaging, but also allows the reader to consider the potential diagnoses before turning the page to determine the correct diagnosis and treatment. The history, epidemiology as well as diagnostic criteria and management of specific neurological disorders are provided in an accompanying comment section. Unusual for a book of neurology, patients have had an opportunity to explain how neurological illness impacted their physical, psychological and social activities (provided by a relative/carer when the patient could not contribute). The themes provide a personal and truthful testament of the immediate and longer-term real-life impact of neurological illness, giving readers an insight into the effects of neurological diagnoses on their patients.

Book Description

These case reports from a general hospital juxtapose neurological diagnoses and management with individual patient perspectives.

About the Author

Mark McCarron is a Consultant Neurologist at the Department of Neurology, Altnaglevin Hospital, Derry, Northern Ireland. He is Curriculum Coordinator and Foundation Educational Supervisor and as such is actively involved in under- and post-graduate education for junior doctors. He is a teacher with Ulster University and is Honorary Lecturer with Queen’s University Belfast.

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