Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer, Updated Edition


( ) Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer, Updated Edition Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer, upda…
: 45 MB

Book Title: Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer, Updated Edition


Author: Cliff Rosendahl
Publisher: Cliff Rosendahl
Release Year: 2023
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 388
(ISBN) : 191496120X
Price in Amazon: $54.82
File Size: 45 MB


Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer, updated edition, is a handbook to help dermatologists, dermatoscopists and GPs easily differentiate between benign and malignant tumours, leading to fewer unnecessary biopsies and earlier treatment of cancers.

Based around two easy to follow algorithms, ‘Chaos and Clues’ and ‘Prediction without Pigment’, the book shows all dermatoscope users how to confidently diagnose skin lesions earlier and with greater precision.

In addition, Dermatoscopy and Skin Cancer provides coverage of:

  • the microanatomy of the skin
  • specimen processing and histopathology
  • the language of dermatoscopy to help name and define structures and patterns
  • approaches to skin examination and photodocumentation
  • revised pattern analysis as an additional diagnostic algorithm
  • dermatoscopic features of common and significant lesions.

Using hundreds of high quality images, the authors provide a detailed algorithmic approach to assessing the skin; an approach that has been successfully taught to thousands of doctors around the world.


CHAPTER 1 Introduction to dermatoscopy
CHAPTER 2 Skin – the organ
CHAPTER 3 Dermatopathology for dermatoscopists
CHAPTER 4 The language of dermatoscopy: naming and defining structures and patterns
CHAPTER 5 The skin examination
CHAPTER 6 ‘Chaos and Clues’ (Chaos, Clues and Exceptions): a decision algorithm for pigmented skin lesions
CHAPTER 7 ‘Prediction without Pigment’: a decision algorithm for non-pigmented skin lesions
CHAPTER 8 Pattern analysis
CHAPTER 9 Dermatoscopic features of common and significant lesions: pigmented and non-pigmented

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