Diabetes For Dummies, 6ed


Diabetes For Dummies, 6ed Diabetes For Dummies that’s been helping people with diabetes live their best liv…
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Book Title: Diabetes For Dummies, 6ed


Author: Simon Poole
Publisher: For Dummies; 6th edition
Release Year: 2023
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 451
(ISBN) : 111991258X
Price in Amazon: $27.90
File Size: 7 MB


Diabetes For Dummies that’s been helping people with diabetes live their best lives for 20 years

Diabetes For Dummies is a trusted resource that guides those diagnosed with diabetes and pre-diabetes and their caregivers towards optimal health. This book helps you, or those you love, achieve the life you want while managing diabetes with lifestyle changes, alternative therapies and the latest medications. This fully updated edition helps you tackle your symptoms with the confidence that you’re doing the latest stuff and following the newest advances in diabetes treatment. Powerful lifestyle strategies, new medications, monitoring equipment, nutritional guidelines, delicious recipes, and insulin delivery methods―it’s all in this friendly Dummies guide.

  • Understand the types of diabetes and learn about your diagnosis
  • Learn the latest treatment options, medications, and evidence-based therapies
  • Manage your symptoms and live a full life with expert diet and lifestyle tips
  • Answer your questions with this trusted, compassionate guide, now in its 6th edition
  • Take control and understand how to improve or even prevent and reverse prediabetes and diabetes

This book is an indispensable resource for those newly diagnosed with diabetes, and prediabetes, their loved ones, and care givers, as well as health care professionals who need an up-to-date reference on the latest in diabetes research.

About the Author

Dr. Simon Poole is a doctor, author, speaker, and consultant. Simon treats patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes from the time of diagnosis onward and is an authority on the Mediterranean diet.

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