Encyclopedia of Toxicology, 9-Vol 4th Edition


(9 ) Encyclopedia of Toxicology, 9-Vol 4th Edition Encyclopedia of Toxicology, Fourth Edition is…
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Book Title: Encyclopedia of Toxicology, 9-Vol 4th Edition


Author: Philip Wexler
Publisher: Academic Press; 4th edition
Release Year: 2024
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 9418
(ISBN) : 0128243155
Price in Amazon: $1,936.24
File Size: 350 MB


Encyclopedia of Toxicology, Fourth Edition is the most extensive compendium surveying the full scope of toxicology, including its chemical, biological and physical (e.g., radiation) perspectives. Spanning nine volumes, this new edition comprises 1150 thoroughly revised and 70 entirely new entries authored by experts in their respective fields, selected by a globally recognized board who have brought rigorous editorial skills to the project. New areas covered in this release include the bourgeoning field of computational toxicology, research applications of alternatives to animal testing, the rise in development and use of consumer products and their effects on populations, and the increasing introduction and use of pharmaceutical ingredients and their interactions. Other chapters of note cover artificial intelligence models of toxicological exposure and effects, extractables and leachable testing, climate change implications for humans, animals and the environment, screening models, -omics, tools such as sequence alignment to predict across species susceptibility, and much more.

  • Includes contributions from a world-renowned editorial board and expert contributors with wide-ranging backgrounds in toxicology
  • Thoroughly updated with the latest advances in the science
  • Contains concise and accessible content, providing an authoritative reference resource for non-specialists and readers from undergraduate level upwards, as well as advanced healthcare providers
  • Covers new topics such as computational toxicology, alternatives to animal testing, pharmaceutical ingredients, artificial intelligence models of toxicological exposure and effects, wildfires and effects of their smoke, vaping, high throughput transcriptomics, and the effect of environmental chemicals on the microbiome


Encyclopedia of Toxicology The broadest, most up to date and authoritative introduction to virtually all areas of toxicology

About the Author

Philip Wexler has written and edited numerous publications related to toxicology and toxico-informatics, as well as taught and otherwise lectured globally on these topics.

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