ERS Handbook Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine, 3ed


ERS ERS Handbook Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine, 3ed An invaluable tool for any…
: 7 MB

Book Title: ERS Handbook Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine, 3ed


Author: Konrad E. Bloch
Publisher: ‎ European Respiratory Society
Release Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 267
(ISBN) : 9781849841603
Price in Amazon: $50.49
File Size: 7 MB


ERS Handbook Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine An invaluable tool for any practitioner wishing to test and improve their knowledge of adult respiratory medicine.

The completely new, third edition includes 114 multiple-choice questions covering the full breadth of the specialty, using clinical vignettes that test not only the readers’ knowledge but their ability to apply that knowledge in daily practice.

The questions and structured comments have been complied and tested by the ERS adult HERMES examination committee specially for this book, making it the perfect revision aid for candidates for the European Diploma, as well as any specialists in respiratory medicine who wish to exercise and improve their skills.

Self-Assessment in Respiratory Medicine is a collection of MCQs with answers and comments intended to be a companion to the ERS Handbook of Respiratory Medicine7, which contains a systematic and detailed discussion of topics relevant for the specialist in adult respiratory medicine. We are fully aware that many respiratory professionals at all levels from senior specialists to junior trainees wish to test their knowledge personally without necessarily embarking on the HERMES examination. The MCQ handbook meets that need in a constructive, didactic way. The broad range of topics is selected from the syllabus and the relative representation reflects the weights attributed by the examination committee to the different topics, according to clinical relevance and importance in specialist education as listed in the ‘blueprint’

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