Fundamentals of Operating Department Practice, 2ed


Fundamentals of Operating Department Practice, 2ed A thoroughly revised second edition providing the k…
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Book Title: Fundamentals of Operating Department Practice, 2ed


Author: Daniel Rodger
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 2nd edition
Release Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: True PDF
Page Count: 479
(ISBN) : 110881980X
Price in Amazon: $47.49
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Fundamentals of Operating Department Practice A thoroughly revised second edition providing the knowledge and evidence-base needed for the perioperative practitioner, clarifying the underlying principles needed for an understanding of anaesthetic, surgical, and recovery practice. This book defines the level of knowledge required for perioperative practitioners and provides a comprehensive reference to the principles and practice of modern operating department practice.

Featuring a diverse range of topics, it offers a multidisciplinary overview of new techniques and technologies, changes in medico-legal requirements, changes to professional accountability, and requirements for continuous professional development. Twelve new chapters cover healthcare ethics and professional regulation, health and safety, infection prevention and control, basic patient monitoring, human factors, and perioperative care of the paediatric patient. Incorporating a new focus on the provision of evidence-based practice and holistic care in all areas of perioperative care, this invaluable book is essential reading for anyone working in this sector, in both education and practice.

Book Description

A practical guide on the essential principles for the effective care of patients during anaesthesia, surgery, and the recovery period.


‘This second edition is a much-anticipated modernisation of a classic book within the perioperative educational environment that should appear on the bookshelf of every student and educator. It is easy-to-read and contains diagrams, tables and photographs to support the written content.

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