Handbook of Psychophysiology 4th Edition


Handbook of Psychophysiology 4th Edition Handbook of Psychophysiology has been the authorita…
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Book Title: Handbook of Psychophysiology 4th Edition


Author: John T. Cacioppo
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 4th edition
Release Year: 2017
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 762
(ISBN) : 1108723403
Price in Amazon: $37.47
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Handbook of Psychophysiology has been the authoritative resource for more than a quarter of a century. Since the third edition was published a decade ago, the field of psychophysiological science has seen significant advances, both in traditional measures such as electroencephalography, event-related brain potentials, and cardiovascular assessments, and in novel approaches and methods in behavioural epigenetics, neuroimaging, psychoneuroimmunology, psychoneuroendocrinology, neuropsychology, behavioural genetics, connectivity analyses, and non-contact sensors. At the same time, a thoroughgoing interdisciplinary focus has emerged as essential to scientific progress. Emphasizing the need for multiple measures, careful experimental design, and logical inference, the fourth edition of the Handbook provides updated and expanded coverage of approaches, methods, and analyses in the field. With state-of-the-art reviews of research in topical areas such as stress, emotion, development, language, psychopathology, and behavioural medicine, the Handbook remains the essential reference for students and scientists in the behavioural, cognitive, and biological sciences.


“The much-anticipated update to this authoritative handbook provides the comprehensive coverage we’ve come to expect from the trio of Cacioppo, Tassinary, and Berntson and the impressive roster of world-renowned contributors they’ve assembled. With pragmatic, conceptual, and cutting-edge coverage of a wide range of approaches, methods, and applications, the fourth edition of the Handbook of Psychophysiology will inspire and inform research across a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines.”
John J. B. Allen, University of Arizona


Strong Inference in Psychophysiological Science
A Neuroscience Framework for Psychophysiology
Fundamentals of Functional Neuroimaging
Electroencephalography and Event-Related Brain Potentials
High-Performance Electrophysiological Microsegmentation and Brain Source Localization
Application of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation in Psychophysiology
The Somatic System
Cardiovascular Psychophysiology
The Electrodermal System
The Respiratory System
Gastrointestinal System
Sexual Response
Ambulatory and Non-Contact Recording Methods
Behavior Genetics: From Heritability to Gene Finding
Functional Genomic Approaches to Psychophysiology
From Homeostasis to Allodynamic Regulation
The Interoceptive System: Implications for Cognition, Emotion, and Health
Stress Hormones in Psychophysiological Research: Emotional, Behavioral, and Cognitive Implications
Developmental Processes
Behavioral Medicine and Psychophysiology
Psychophysiology in Pursuit of Psychopathology
Detection of Deception
Biosignal Processing in Psychophysiology: Principles and Current Developments
Multilevel Modeling
Visualizing Scientific Data

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