Hearing Aid Dispensing Training Manual, 2ed


Hearing Aid Dispensing Training Manual, 2ed The Hearing Aid Dispensing Training Manual, Second Editio…
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Book Title: Hearing Aid Dispensing Training Manual, 2ed


Author: Suzanne Krumenacker
Publisher: Plural Publishing; 2nd edition
Release Year: 2019
Language: English
Format: PDF
Page Count: 235
(ISBN) : 1635501318
Price in Amazon: $104.95
File Size: 15 MB


The Hearing Aid Dispensing Training Manual, Second Edition remains a vital resource for individuals studying for their state practical licensing examination in hearing aid dispensing.

The manual focuses on competency for the practical sections of the examination, preparing individuals for the exam, but also for day-to-day operations in the professional environment. Separated into four modules, the book covers the main competencies of most state practical examinations: audiometric assessment, ear impressions, hearing instrument fitting, and hearing instrument care and follow-up.

The competency modules are divided into chapters related to the concept of the module. Each chapter begins with objectives and terms with definitions to help orient the reader to the topic. Each module concludes with a “Putting It All Together” section, tying together the concepts of the module with practical activities and allowing the individual to perform the competency as they would for the licensing examination. The section is followed by module quiz questions that allow the reader to increase comprehension and test their knowledge.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Two new chapters on Infection Control and Tympanometry
  • Module quizzes to check reader understanding for each major section
  • A glossary of terms with definitions
  • Additional appendices, including “cheat sheets” with quick information on important topics, an abbreviations chart, and answers to module quiz questions


“This text focuses on preparing US trainee hearing aid dispensers for their state practical exams, and the content is tailored to address the key assessment criteria. However, the basic topics covered are useful for hearing aid dispensers and potentially audiology trainees globally; audiometry, tympanometry, aural impression taking and hearing aid fitting and follow up. Each chapter provides a list of key elements to be covered for each procedure.

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