Intensive Care Medicine: The Essential Guide, 1ed


: Intensive Care Medicine: The Essential Guide, 1ed Exams are an essential component of o…
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Book Title: Intensive Care Medicine: The Essential Guide, 1ed


Author: Ned Gilbert-Kawai
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1st edition
Release Year: 2023
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 802
(ISBN) : 1108984428
Price in Amazon: $105.00
File Size: 12 MB


Exams are an essential component of one’s training pathway in the quest to become a Consultant. For trainees undertaking a career in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM), sadly this is no exception, however, herewith is a suitable text to aid you upon that arduous journey towards the completion of your training – hurrah! Written in an accessible style, chapters follow a consistent layout throughout, including numerous images and tables, key learning points, and further reading. Experts in all of the main specialties provide specific and detailed knowledge of individual subject areas considered to be fundamental to one’s ICM knowledge base. The authors cover a broad spectrum of topics including therapeutic interventions and organ support, paediatric care, comfort and recovery, psychiatric disorders, and end of life care. An essential preparation textbook and revision aid for exam candidates in Intensive Care Medicine, the book is a useful guide for mentors and trainees too.


‘This book succeeds in lowering the hurdle of professional exams, making it more likely to be cleared at a first attempt. It covers the curriculum in an easy-to-read format, providing the important facts along with key references for more detail and is easy to dip into in spare moments. Our specialty admits patients from every other specialty in the hospital, we can seem jacks of all trades and masters of none; a strength of this volume is many authors are single organ specialists distilling their knowledge of complex conditions into accessible and clinically useful information. Aimed mainly at doctors taking the FFICM exam this book will be useful for all trainees undertaking an attachment to critical care as well as ACCPs and other Allied Health Professionals and nurses. It is a book deserving of its space on the unit bookshelf.’ Anna Batchelor, Clinical Lead, Getting It Right First Tome (GIRFT), Past Dean FICM and President of ICS

Book Description

A handbook covering all of the essential topics in Intensive Care Medicine, for those training and practising in the specialty.


Section 1 Resuscitation and Management of the Acutely III Patient
Section 2 Diagnosis, Investigation & Data Interpretation
Domain 3 Disease Management: Recognition, Causes and Management
Section 4 Therapeutic Interventions and Organ Support
Domain 5 Practical Procedures
Section 6 Perioperative Care
Section 7 Comfort and Recovery
Section 8 End-of-Life Care
Section 9 Paediatric Care
Section 10 Transport
Section 11 Professionalism, Patient Safety, Governance and Health Systems Management

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