Landmark Papers in Psychiatry, 1ed


Landmark Papers in Psychiatry, 1ed Advances in the practice of psychiatry have occurred in “fits and…
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Book Title: Landmark Papers in Psychiatry, 1ed


Author: Ryznar
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Release Year: 2020
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 449
(ISBN) : 0198836503
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Landmark Papers in Psychiatry Advances in the practice of psychiatry have occurred in “fits and starts” over the last several decades. These advances are evident to anyone long affiliated with the field and are best appreciated through direct experience of living through the times. These advances can also be gleaned from historical overviews in textbooks or the recollections of one’s teachers and mentors. Returning to the original papers that have ushered in these changes is rarely done for various, mostly practical, reasons. Filtering through thousands of articles in psychiatry may prove daunting, access to the manuscripts may be limited (especially for papers not available electronically), and understanding their impact requires a broader context. Moreover, with so much active research currently occurring in various branches of psychiatry, current practitioners or trainees may find their attention focused on the present, and this is reinforced by electronic search algorithms, which return articles in reverse chronological order. Not surprisingly, citations for articles in virtually all fields decline precipitously for articles over five years old. As scholars and professionals, we are losing touch with our academic heritage. Yet navigating the future of psychiatry requires a firm understanding of its past.

Landmark Papers in Psychiatry serves as a guide for anyone seeking to understand the evolution of psychiatry as a scientific discipline. It does so by summarizing over 100 landmark papers in psychiatry and placing their scientific contributions within a historical context. An introductory section sets the stage for the major theoretical constructs within the field, with chapters devoted to ontology and nosology. Subsequent sections examine major facets of the theory and practice of psychiatry, such as pathogenesis of psychiatric illness, pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, and somatic treatments. These sections are divided logically into chapters addressing important contributions to the understanding and treatment of specific disorders. A final section explores ethical considerations within each field. This framework echoes the complexity of psychiatry, which cannot be reduced to a single set of diagnoses or subspecialty categories.

Highlighting the research trajectory of psychiatry, this resource will appeal to academics, trainees, and practitioners who desire a comprehensive, easy-to-read, up-to-date collection of psychiatry’s pivotal moments. By understanding the challenges, inspirations, and insights from the past, readers will be better poised to address new and ongoing challenges within the field.


“This book is the first of its kind that I have read. I appreciate how each chapter builds upon itself to provide an overall understanding of the particular topic. Upon finishing the chapter, the readers truly have an understanding of the history of the covered subject matter. There were many topics that presented seminal findings to which I had not previously been exposed.” — Aaron Plattner, Doody’s Book Reviews

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