Ocular Pathology 9th Edition


Ocular Pathology 9th Edition For nearly 50 years, Ocular Pathology has been the choice of both ophthalm…
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Book Title: Ocular Pathology 9th Edition


Author: Myron Yanoff MD
Publisher: Elsevier; 9th edition
Release Year: 2025
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 1076
(ISBN) : 0323878229
Price in Amazon: $294.99
File Size: 977 MB


For nearly 50 years, Ocular Pathology has been the choice of both ophthalmologists and pathologists for unsurpassed visual guidance and training in ophthalmic pathology. Expertly edited by Drs. Myron Yanoff and Joseph W. Sassani, this thoroughly revised 9th Edition provides comprehensive, easy-to-understand coverage of the eye’s response to disease and treatment, keeping you up to date with every aspect of the field. From current imaging techniques to genetics and molecular biology to clinical pearls, Ocular Pathology provides the concise yet complete information you need.

  • Features more than 1,900 high-quality clinical photographs, illustrations, and histological micrographs from the collections of internationally renowned leaders in ocular pathology.
  • Presents information in a quick-reference outline format – ideal for today’s busy physician.
  • Includes clinico-pathological correlations throughout, with side-by-side image comparisons further highlighted with clinical pearl boxes.
  • Covers the latest imaging techniques, including optical coherence tomography (OCT), anterior segment OCT (AS-OCT) and OCT-angiography (OCT-A).
  • Provides new coverage on evolving areas such as genetics and molecular biology, SARS-COV 2 virus (COVID-19), multiple endocrine neoplasia, iris racemose hemangioma, white dot syndromes, idiopathic polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy, and more.
  • Additional digital ancillary content may publish up to 6 weeks following the publication date.


Bridge the gap between ophthalmology and pathology with this authoritative resource


. Basic Principles of Pathology
. Congenital Anomalies
. Nongranulomatous Inflammation: Uveitis, Endophthalmitis, Panophthalmitis, and Sequelae
. Granulomatous Inflammation
. Surgical and Nonsurgical Trauma
. Skin and Lacrimal Drainage System
. Conjunctiva
. Cornea and Sclera
. Uvea
. Lens
. Neural (Sensory) Retina
. Vitreous
. Optic Nerve
. Orbit
. Diabetes Mellitus
. Glaucoma
. Ocular Melanocytic Tumors
. Retinoblastoma and Simulating Lesions

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