Physical Diagnosis of Pain 5th Edition + Video


Physical Diagnosis of Pain 5th Edition + Video In this easy-to-follow, how-to-do-it atlas, internationally recognized pain…
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Book Title: Physical Diagnosis of Pain 5th Edition + Video


Author: Steven D. Waldman MD JD
Publisher: Elsevier; 5th edition
Release Year: 2025
Language: English
Format: MP4 + PDF ( )
Page Count: 566
(ISBN) : 0443118035
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In this easy-to-follow, how-to-do-it atlas, internationally recognized pain expert Dr. Steven D. Waldman provides a compendium of practical physical examination techniques that you can use in your daily practice to evaluate and diagnose patients in pain. Physical Diagnosis of Pain, 5th Edition, is the only atlas devoted to this critical area of pain medicine, offering a real-world focus on how clinicians evaluate pain: “What is it?” rather than “Where is it?”. You’ll be guided step by step through the evaluation and diagnosis of more than 280 pain-related conditions based on physical signs. Concise, superbly illustrated chapters help you rapidly diagnose pathology based on physical techniques rather than relying on imaging alone.

  • Examines the full range of pain-related conditions in the cervical spine, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist and hand, chest wall, thorax and thoracic spine, lumbar spine, abdominal wall and pelvis, hip, knee, ankle and foot.
  • Addresses sacroiliac joint pain as well as entrapment neuropathies including carpal tunnel syndrome, tardy ulnar palsy, ilioinguinal neuralgia, and tarsal tunnel syndrome.
  • Follows a consistent format in each chapter for quick reference: anatomy, inspection, palpation, and range of motion, followed by relevant special tests.
  • Features hundreds of high-quality radiographic images, clinical photos, and color line drawings to demonstrate the physical exam clearly and simply.
  • Contains new content spanning 50 new conditions and their associated tests, including the Soto-Hall Test for Upper Thoracic Spine Pain, Sill Sign for Lumbar Instability, Compression Test for Sacroiliac Joint Pain, Rust Sign for Cervical Spine Instability, Linder Sign for Cervical Myelopathy, Jull Test for Cervical Strain, Shoulder Abduction Relief Test for Cervical Spine Pain, Kleiger Test for High Ankle Sprain, Valleix Sign for Posterior Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, and more.
  • Includes + real-time videos of Dr. Waldman and his staff performing physical examination techniques, providing expert, how-to-do-it guidance.


Physical Diagnosis of Pain Dr. Steven D. Waldman’s clear, award-winning roadmap for evaluating and diagnosing pain

About the Author

Steven D Waldman is an internationally recognized expert and pioneer in the specialty of Pain Medicine.


SECTION I The Cervical Spine
SECTION II The Shoulder
SECTION IV The Forearm
SECTION V The Wrist and Hand
SECTION VI The Chest Wall, Thorax, and Thoracic Spine
SECTION VII The Lumbar Spine
SECTION VIII The Abdominal Wall and Pelvis
SECTION XI The Ankle and Foot

Video Contents

. Chapter 9 The C5 neurologic level.
. Chapter 10 The C6 neurologic level.
. Chapter 11 The C7 neurologic level.
. Chapter 12 The C8 neurologic level.
. Chapter 18 The Spurling test for cervical radiculopathy secondary to herniated disc or cervical spondylosis.
. Chapter 31 Hoffmann test.
. Chapter 35 The finger flexion reflex test for cervical myelopathy.
. Chapter 45 The anterior drawer test.
. Chapter 50 The posterior drawer test for posterior shoulder instability.
. Chapter 61 The Neer test for shoulder impingement syndromes.
. Chapter 66 The speed test for bicipital tendinitis.
. Chapter 67 The Yergason test for bicipital tendinitis.
. Chapter 70 The Gerber lift-off test for rupture of the subscapularis muscle.
. Chapter 71 The Gerber belly press test for subscapularis weakness.
. Chapter 72 The internal rotation lag sign for rupture of the subscapularis tendon.
. Chapter 81 The drop arm test for complete rotator cuff tear.
. Chapter 82 The external rotation lag sign for rupture of the supraspinatus or infraspinatus tendon.
. Chapter 85 The Jobe supraspinatus test.
. Chapter 87 The external rotation stress test for impairment of the infraspinatus and teres minor muscles.
. Chapter 90 The adduction release test for subcoracoid bursitis.
. Chapter 92 The chin adduction test for acromioclavicular joint dysfunction.
. Chapter 95 The Adson maneuver for thoracic outlet syndrome.
. Chapter 97 The hyperabduction test for thoracic outlet syndrome.
. Chapter 115 The Wartenberg sign for ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow.
. Chapter 117 The little finger adduction test for ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow.
. Chapter 119 The compression test for lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve entrapment syndrome.
. Chapter 120 The snap sign for snapping triceps syndrome.
. Chapter 123 The tennis elbow test.
. Chapter 133 The compression test for radial tunnel syndrome.
. Chapter 135 The forced pronation test for pronator syndrome.
. Chapter 147 The Finkelstein test for de Quervain tenosynovitis.
. Chapter 155 The Tinel sign for carpal tunnel syndrome.
. Chapter 156 The Phalen test for carpal tunnel syndrome.
. Chapter 158 The opponens weakness test for carpal tunnel syndrome.
. Chapter 159 The opponens pinch test for carpal tunnel syndrome.
. Chapter 168 The spread sign for ulnar tunnel syndrome.
. Chapter 174 The catching tendon sign for trigger finger syndrome.
. Chapter 185 The shrug test for sternoclavicular joint dysfunction.
. Chapter 200 The L4 neurologic level.
. Chapter 201 The L5 neurologic level.
. Chapter 202 The S1 neurologic level.
. Chapter 208 The Spurling test for lumbar nerve root irritation.
. Chapter 210 The Ely test for lumbar nerve root irritation.
. Chapter 213 The Babinski sign for diseases of the corticospinal system.
. Chapter 232 The femoral stretch test.
. Chapter 247 The Patrick/FABER test for hip pathology.
. Chapter 250 The resisted hip extension test for ischial bursitis.
. Chapter 251 The resisted hip abduction test for gluteal bursitis.
. Chapter 254 The resisted hip adduction test for iliopsoas bursitis.
. Chapter 279 The ballottement test for large joint effusions.

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