Physical Management for Neurological Conditions, 4ed


Physical Management for Neurological Conditions, 4ed Following the success of the previous thre…
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Book Title: Physical Management for Neurological Conditions, 4ed


Author: Sheila Lennon
Publisher: Elsevier; 4th edition
Release Year: 2019
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 595
(ISBN) : 0702071749
Price in Amazon: $50.06
File Size: 8 MB


Following the success of the previous three editions, Physical Management for Neurological Conditions th edition remains the most up-to-date evidence-based textbook for undergraduate students in health professions and qualified therapists.

Written by an international team of clinicians and researchers, it is applicable to a number of healthcare systems, with a special focus on physiotherapy. New chapters have been added to cover both common and rare conditions, such as Hereditary Disorders, Functional Motor disorders and Neuromuscular diseases.

  • Comprehensive and handy reference on physical management and movement limitations, suitable to any health care context and environment
  • Use of eclectic approach which focuses on selecting the appropriate evidence-based tools to assess and treat neurological conditions without subscribing to any specific treatment approaches
  • International case studies are presented to provide worldwide scientific evidence


. Guiding principles of neurorehabilitation
. Common impairments and the impact on activity
. Observation and analysis of movement
. Measurement tools
. Goal setting in stroke rehabilitation
. Respiratory management
. Stroke
. Traumatic brain injury
. Spinal cord injury
. Multiple sclerosis
. Parkinson’s
. Inherited neurological conditions (HD, SCA, HSP)
. Motor neuron disease
. Polyneuropathies
. Muscle disease
. Functional motor disorders
. Self-management
. Virtual rehabilitation: Virtual reality and interactive gaming technologies in neurorehabilitation
. Falls and their management
. Physical activity and exercise
. Vestibular rehabilitation
. Pain management
. Clinical neuropsychology in rehabilitation
. Complex case management

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