Plastic Surgery: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery 5th Edition + Video


Plastic Surgery: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery 5th Edition + Video Plastic Surgery: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery 5th Edition C…
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Book Title: Plastic Surgery: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery 5th Edition + Video


Author: J. Peter Rubin , Peter C. Neligan MB
Publisher: Elsevier; 5 edition
Release Year: 2024
Language: English
Format: MP4 + PDF ( )
Page Count: 1190 + 17 52
(ISBN) : 032381039X
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Plastic Surgery: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery 5th Edition Comprehensive and fully up to date, the six-volume Plastic Surgery remains the gold standard text in this complex area of surgery. Completely revised to meet the demands of both the trainee and experienced surgeon, Aesthetic Surgery, Volume 2 of Plastic Surgery, 5th Edition, features new, full-color clinical photos, procedural videos, lectures, and authoritative coverage of hot topics in the field. Editor-narrated video presentations offer a step-by-step audio-visual walkthrough of techniques and procedures.

  • New chapters cover local anesthesia, anatomic blocks of the face and neck, facelifts,  neck rejuvenation, energy devices in aesthetic surgery, and aesthetic genital surgery; coverage throughout includes new, pioneering translational work shaping the future of aesthetic surgery.
  • New digital video preface by Dr. Peter C. Neligan addresses the changes across all six volumes.
  • New treatment and decision-making algorithms added to chapters where applicable.
  • New video lectures and editor-narrated slide presentations offer a step-by-step audiovisual walkthrough of techniques and procedures.
  • Evidence-based advice from an expanded roster of international experts allows you to apply the very latest advances in aesthetic surgery and ensure optimal outcomes.


The ultimate knowledge source in this challenging surgical specialty

About the Author

Dr. Rubin is endowed Professor of Plastic Surgery and Professor of Bioengineering, at the University of Pittsburgh with a faculty appointment with the McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine (MIRM).


. Managing the aesthetic surgery patient
. Principles of practice management and social media for cosmetic surgery
. Essential elements of patient safety in aesthetic plastic surgery
. Pain management in plastic surgery
. Anatomic blocks of the face and neck
. Local anesthesia
. Non-surgical skin care and rejuvenation
. . Editors’ perspective: injectables and non-surgical resurfacing techniques
. . Injectables and resurfacing techniques: Soft-tissue fillers
. . Injectables and resurfacing techniques: Botulinum toxin/neurotoxins
. . Injectables and resurfacing techniques: Lasers in aesthetic surgery
. . Injectables and resurfacing techniques: Chemical peels
. . Minimally invasive multimodal facial rejuvenation
. . Editors’ perspective: surgical facial rejuvenation
. . Facial anatomy and aging
. . Principles and surgical approaches of facelift
. . Facelift: Facial rejuvenation with loop sutures: the MACS lift and its derivatives
. . Facelift: Platysma-SMAS plication
. . Facelift: Lateral SMASectomy facelift
. . Facelift: The extended SMAS technique in facial rejuvenation
. . High SMAS facelift: combined single flap lifting of the jawline, cheek, and midface
. . The lift-and-fill facelift
. . Neck rejuvenation
. . Male facelift
. . Secondary facelift irregularities and the secondary facelift
. . Perioral rejuvenation, including chin and genioplasty
. . Facial feminization
. Editors’ perspective: brow and eye
. Forehead rejuvenation
. Endoscopic brow lift
. Blepharoplasty
. Secondary blepharoplasty
. Asian facial cosmetic surgery
. Facial fat grafting
. Editors’ perspective: nose
. Nasal analysis and anatomy
. Open technique rhinoplasty
. Closed technique rhinoplasty
. Airway issues and the deviated nose
. Secondary rhinoplasty
. Otoplasty and ear reduction
. Hair restoration
. . Editors’ perspective: liposuction
. . Liposuction: a comprehensive review of techniques and safety
. . Correction of liposuction deformities with the SAFE liposuction technique
. Editors’ perspective: abdominal contouring
. Abdominoplasty
. Lipoabdominoplasty with anatomical definition: a new concept in abdominal aesthetic surgery
. Editors’ perspective: truncal contouring
. Bra-line back lift
. Belt lipectomy
. Circumferential approaches to truncal contouring in massive weight loss patients: the lower lipo-bodylift
. Circumferential approaches to truncal contouring: autologous buttocks augmentation with purse-string gluteoplasty
. Circumferential approaches to truncal contouring: Lower bodylift with autologous gluteal flaps for augmentation and preservation of gluteal contour
. . Editors’ perspective: buttock augmentations
. . Buttock augmentation with implants
. . Buttock shaping with fat grafting and liposuction
. Upper limb contouring
. Medial thigh
. Post-bariatric reconstruction
. Energy devices in aesthetic surgery
. Aesthetic genital surgery

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