Reflexology: Beginners Guide to Eliminate Pain, Lose Weight and De-Stress with Ancient Techniques


: ، Reflexology: Beginners Guide to Eliminate Pain, Lose We…
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Book Title: Reflexology: Beginners Guide to Eliminate Pain, Lose Weight and De-Stress with Ancient Techniques


Author: Ingrid Sen
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Year: 2014
Language: English
Format: PDF
Page Count: 76
(ISBN) : 978-1502719935
Price in Amazon: $7.99
File Size: 1.8 MB


The ancient Chinese and Egyptian technique of Reflexology looks to the interior mechanisms of your body in order to bring healing and wellness. In this world of machinery, of synthetic drugs, we are slowly dying. Doctors operate machines to understand our interior bodies instead of utilizing their intricate sense of touch to administer their diagnosis. Why, then, does a single touch—on the back, on the side, from a friend, or from a partner—yield such a sense of calmness and relaxation? Could there be a hidden comprehension and power behind this sense of touch that can be orchestrated via an intricate and ancient technique? Look to the techniques of reflexology in order to regulate your interior energy and your vital organs. As you work to relieve tension, you build strength and circulation in your body. You can de-block your organs and you can begin to regulate your thyroid to boost weight loss abilities. Furthermore, you can eliminate the way your body experiences stress. Chronic stress kills brain cells and paves the road toward greater cell inflammation, cancers, and diabetes. As a trained reflexologist works your feet, your hands, or your ears, your body begins to open up to its own medicinal abilities. Your immune system kicks into a higher gear, and you begin to fight back against the fatigue and tension pulsing in your body. Your blood pressure lowers via the neural centers in the brain that hold direct connection to portions of your feet and your body falls into a relaxed state. Learn the intricate techniques outlined in this book to orchestrate your own reflexology. Understand the ancient tradition of reflexology, rooted in Ancient Egypt and China, and learn how the techniques churned their way to present day comprehensions. Understand how to give a basic, proper foot massage, and then look to the intricate reflexology mechanisms in order to yield stress relief, weight loss, and a boost in sexuality. Look to your feet to open up your circulation, relieve your tensions, and find ultimate relief.

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