Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine, 1ed


Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine, 1ed Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine, by Paul…
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Book Title: Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine, 1ed


Author: Paul M. Paulman
Publisher: Saunders; 1st edition
Release Year: 2012
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 651
(ISBN) : 0323049818
Price in Amazon: $18.00
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Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine, by Paul M. Paulman, MD et al, provides a unique evidence-based approach to diagnosis based on presenting signs. Focusing on the most common diagnoses observed in a medical practice, the book helps you “think horses, not zebras.” A rating system for the sensitivity and specificity of the signs, symptoms, and diagnostic tests aids in the development of a focused and accurate differential diagnosis. Signs and Symptoms in Family Medicine take-along guide is ideal for quick reference at the bedside or a refresher while prepping for the boards.

  • Confidently diagnose and treat common illnesses and conditions using an evidence-based, systematic approach. A unique ratings system indicates how frequently various symptoms and signs are associated with a particular diagnosis.
  • Easily find what you need with consistently organized chapters and an at-a-glance bulleted format.
  • “Think horses, not zebras” with a focus on the most frequently encountered diagnoses.
  • Rule out the most serious possibilities quickly with differential diagnoses listed in descending order of severity.
  • Review symptoms, signs, suggested work-up, and patient disposition for each diagnosis.


. Abdominal Pain
. Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
. Amenorrhea
. Anemia
. Anxiety
. Arthralgia
. Back Pain
. Behavior Problems in Children
. Bleeding and Bruising
. Blood in Stool
. Breast Masses and Nipple Discharge
. Chest Pain
. Child Abuse
. Confusion
. Congestion
. Cough
. Depression
. Diarrhea
. Dizziness
. Earache
. Family Discord
. Fatigue
. Fever
. Headache
. Health Maintenance
. Heartburn
. Hypertension
. Jaundice
. Lower Extremity Pain and Swelling
. Lymphadenopathy
. Menopause
. Neck Pain
. Pelvic or Genital Pain
. Polyuria
. Rashes
. Seizures
. Sexual Dysfunction
. Shortness of Breath
. Sleep Disorders
. Sore Throat
. Substance Abuse
. Urinary Problems
. Vaginal Discharge
. Generalized Weakness
. Weight Change

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