The Art of Medical Communication, 1ed


The Art of Medical Communication, 1ed The field of medical humanities is growing rapidly and offers man…
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Book Title: The Art of Medical Communication, 1ed


Author: Charlie Guy
Publisher: CRC Press; 1st edition
Release Year: 2024
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 226
(ISBN) : 1032272732
Price in Amazon: $34.87
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The field of medical humanities is growing rapidly and offers many valuable insights for medical education generally and for enhancing and improving communication specifically. Through practical and thought-provoking examples, this innovative new text demonstrates how engaging with the arts and humanities can benefit the work of doctors and make them better, more effective practitioners with a focus on achieving this through better communication and by stimulating self-reflection.

Key features:

  • Utilises modern and familiar examples, including case studies, to illustrate and explore language and communication skill deployment in a variety of given scenarios
  • Reflects the increasing use of online consultation and the associated importance of ensuring effective communication in virtual settings
  • Describes several models for reflective practice
  • Supported by a selection of eResources to enhance reader experience and understanding

This new book is written specifically for medical students, junior doctors and medical educators looking to develop or teach communication skills. It will instil and support the background understanding of the role, need and ongoing requirement for humanities engagement in self-development and reflection to enhance and improve the experience of both the practitioner and the patient.

About the Author

Charlie Guy is a qualified anatomist and social historian who has undertaken a variety of roles within the NHS and is based in Fife, Scotland.

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