The ESC Textbook of Heart Failure, 1ed


ESC The ESC Textbook of Heart Failure, 1ed The ESC Textbook of Heart Failure is the latest addition to th…
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Book Title: The ESC Textbook of Heart Failure, 1ed


Author: Prof Petar Seferovic
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Release Year: 2023
Language: English
Format: PDF ( )
Page Count: 1041
(ISBN) : 0198891628
Price in Amazon: $218.50
File Size: 135 MB


The ESC Textbook of Heart Failure is the latest addition to the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) publications portfolio and is fully supported by the European Heart Failure Association.

The textbook brings together internationally renowned experts in the field of heart failure to present an up-to-date understanding of all aspects of this chronic condition that worsens with time. It is estimated that the worldwide population of patients suffering from heart failure is approximately 26 million. This clinically oriented work reflects contemporary European guidelines from the ESC and the European Heart Failure Association and summarizes the latest evidence from clinical trials.

Made up of eighteen different sections the textbook covers the epidemiology, etiology, prevention, pathophysiology, and clinical phenotypes of heart failure. The assessment and management of chronic, acute, and advance heart failure are all discussed in detail. As well as chapters dedicated to self-care and patient education, the multidisciplinary approach to heart failure management, and clinical trial design and interpretation. The future direction of the field is discussed throughout with separate chapters on digital health, big data, and telemedicine/remote monitoring in heart failure also included.

A must read for cardiovascular healthcare specialists in Europe and across the world it should also appeal to those in training, general physicians and those caring of the elderly, cardiothoracic surgeons, primary care doctors, and specialist nurses too.


Section 1 Universal definition of heart failure
Section 2 Epidemiology of heart failure
Section 3 Aetiology of heart failure
Section 4 Prevention of heart failure
Section 5 Pathophysiology of heart failure
Section 6 Clinical phenotypes of chronic heart failure
Section 7 Chronic heart failure: diagnostic and prognostic assessment
Section 8 Chronic heart failure: pharmacological management
Section 9 Chronic heart failure: non-pharmacological management
Section 10 Acute heart failure
Section 11 Advanced heart failure
Section 12 Comorbidities and clinical conditions
Section 13 Self-care and patient education
Section 14 Multidisciplinary approach to heart failure management
Section 15 Clinical trial design and interpretation
Section 16 Digital health in heart failure
Section 17 Big data in heart failure
Section 18 Telemedicine and remote monitoring

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