The Neuromodulation Casebook, 1ed


The Neuromodulation Casebook, 1ed is a case-based volume for practical, hands-on decision-making using real…
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Book Title: The Neuromodulation Casebook, 1ed


Author: Jeffrey Arle
Publisher: ‎ Academic Press; 1st edition
Release Year: 2020
Language: English
Format: PDF
Page Count: 178
(ISBN) : 0128170026
Price in Amazon: $90.18
File Size: 3 MB


The Neuromodulation Casebook is a case-based volume for practical, hands-on decision-making using realistic case examples from the field of neuromodulation. It encompasses a variety of techniques and therapies, ranging from deep brain stimulation for a multitude of disorders, to spinal cord stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, cortical stimulation and cranial nerve stimulation, as well as non-invasive therapies and other implanted types of devices that interface with the nervous system. Allowing readers to better learn via case-based examples, this practical volume depicts real examples of decisions neuroscientists and neurosurgeons need to make every day from leaders in the field.

This book serves as a companion text to the editor’s previous titles Essential Neuromodulation and Innovative Neuromodulation for neuroscience, neural engineering and biomedical engineering courses.

  • Covers typical decision-making in the most frequent neuromodulation experiments and procedures across the widest array of scientists and practitioners
  • Includes case-based chapters in an innovative, stepwise variant pathway format rather than being didactic in structure
  • Provides for clinical, practical learning rather than serving as a reference on a particular topic


“This book is an excellent resource for trainees in the field who are learning to identify appropriate surgical candidates and perform these procedures. The variations provided within each scenario help to highlight important details to note for further decision making in each specific case.”


. Percutaneous trial case for FBSS
. Percutaneous trial case for CRPS
. Percutaneous trial for cervical placement
. Percutaneous permanent procedures
. Paddle placement for FBSS
. Paddle placement for a cervical location
. Paddle trial case (prior fusion)
. Complicating problems with follow-up of SCS leads and IPG
. Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation
. Programming concerns with SCS
. STN case for PD
. GPi case for dystonia
. Vim case for tremor
. Programming Cases for DBS in Parkinsons Disease, Dystonia, and Tremor
. Case Selection and trials for PNS
. Peripheral field stimulation – back
. Peripheral field stimulation – face
. Occipital nerve stimulation, trial and permanent
. Other PNS – inguinal, sural, coccyx
. New vagus nerve stimulation lead and IPG placement
. Revision/Removal of VNS lead and IPG
. New Evaluation and Programming of the heart-rate sensitive VNS system
. Responsive Neural Stimulation Placement

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